ShineCash — affiliate program for ShineCams platform

Our mission is not only to make convenience tools for models but also to offer better conditions for our partners.

We create unique conditions for you to become our partner. You will convert your webcam traffic with even more profitability.

ShineCash is an affiliate program by which we purchase traffic for — our platform where models are able to work on multiple sites simultaneously; it’s a place where users can have accesses to more detersive content.

ShineCash affiliate program is divided into the following 3 parts:

  • Referral links system to attract models, users and other participants.
  • Free user registration confirmed by email.
  • Create your own webcam site under your brand with our content (WhiteLabel).

For those who join our information campaign, we will apply the increase factor of 1.3 to standard rates.

For example: if 1 dollar for attracted and confirmed user were a standard rate, we would pay you $1.3 .

Note: The standard rate will be competitive with other resources.

Take part in our information campaign

You have the opportunity to get these unique conditions of our affiliate program until 20.08.2017 .

Here is 3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Fill in the form.
  2. You join our information campaign by the following options:
    • Place a banner on your website.
    • Inform existing models about our offer for the using social networks (twitter, instagram).
    • Inform users (including potential users) about developing of the new webcam service (
  3. Information materials should be presented on your sites /profiles from the moment you apply until August 25, 2017 for the entire period of the information campaign.

About ShineCams Team

You would hardly like to tell about your sexual preferences and fantasies to everyone around you. Therefore, we are confident that you’ll appreciate our need to remain anonymous.

Anyway, we will tell you about us with no details or examples.

We have a transnational team that is why the final place for our headquarters is not yet determined.

Many countries have their discussions on blockchain and crypto-currencies related issues. So many countries, so many discussions. So our choice of jurisdiction requires additional time and calculation, but this doesn’t stop us and we will make the decision soon.

The team can be conditionally divided into 3 parts:

Ideologists and industry representatives

They are former models or those who are still working. They know from their own experience what users and models want. Moreover, they know some new and marvelous things that must be brought into the industry. They have broad social connections with the top-end models of the industry. (Since the core of this category are current models, they have to stay in the shadows to incur no wrath of their "employers").

Project leading

Project leading are specialists in the field of business, business model generation, new products, product release, process optimization, productivity increasing etc. including major international brands employees (That's why we have to hide our identity).

IT experts

IT experts are professionals in their field; they are the ones who created web sites when the internet was available only through squeaking modems, highly loaded IT systems architects, creators of colorful and exquisite projects. . (They have active obligations to support state IT systems; they also have to hide their identity)

What is a ShineCoin?

When you pay with the ShineCoin crypto currency you are guaranteed to remain anonymous.

When you pay with ShineCoin you get a 50% money saving on or 2 times more content for the same money.

ShineCoin is a crypto currency with secured demand and limited output, which means that its value will grow with time.

While the project is preparing to enter the market, we give you a reward for ownership (more in WhitePaper).

Project roadmap

  • February 12, 2017

    The birth of an idea

  • 1Q2017

    Market and competitors study, forming a business model

  • 2Q2017

    Team building, technology research, architectural model design, market research among models and users

  • July 02, 2017

    Abandoning fiat investments

    Abandoning fiat investments in favor of ICO, for lack of a race for profit and greater profitability for models

  • July 20, 2017

    ICO announcement

  • July 25, 2017

    Start of ICO ShineCoin

  • August 25, 2017

    End of ICO ShineCoin

  • 3Q2017

    Start of development, contracting with suppliers, preparation and implementation of ICO, marketing activities to attract models

  • 4Q2017

    System development and final testing, translation into different languages, models registration, system development and creating of the affiliate program materials for traffic providers

  • 1Q2018

    System release, introduction of new functions that weren’t include in the final release, preparation for VR video broadcasting (360), marketing activities to attract users and partners (traffic providers)